About Poems I Will Never Release

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Deel III : Resistance

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The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

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Despina door Zoë Paul

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Over Palais de Justice

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Kate Newby in gesprek met Laura Preston

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Deel I: Foreground

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Deel IV: A Possible Toolkit

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Chiara Fumai, Poems I Will Never Release

Images: Chiara Fumai, There is Something You Should Know, 2011, Exhibition view Copyright Centre d'art contemporain Genève, The Church of Chiara Fumai, Photo Mathilda Olmi 2020; Chiara Fumai, Annie Reads Valerie Solanas, 2013; Chiara Fumai, Der Hexenhammer, exhibition view at Museion, Photo Augustin Ochsenreite; Chiara Fumai, The Book of Evil Spirits, production stills, 2015, Photo: PRed; Chiara Fumai, Pers Vas Nefandum, still from video, 2016.