Caring for/from the Future by Swoosh Lieu

Caring for/from the future, Swoosh Lieu, 2021
Courtesy of the artists

What if there was a care revolution that finally repealed inequality? What would our future look like? The feminist collective Swoosh Lieu imagines such a future where gender roles are broken, racist discrimination is a thing of the past, the world is decolonised and the revolution has ensured better and fairer working and living conditions, not only in the care sector, but also in public life.

Swoosh Lieu is a queer feminist collective (Rosa Wernecke, Katharina Pelosi, and Johanna Castell) creating at the interface of theatre, performance, and visual arts. The collective was founded in 2009 at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and has been working continuously in different constellations and collaborations ever since. The collective creates temporary spaces and images in real time, and at the same time thematizes their production. Through this form of performative practice, they open the space of the theatre for socio-political analogies, which, however, are always negotiated and made tangible with its means. Performances have taken place at the Dance Platform at Kampnagel in Hamburg, at the St├╝ckemarkt of the Berliner Theatertreffen, and at the Impulse und Politik im Freie Theater festival. The projects Who Cares?! (2018) and Who Moves?! (2019) were produced as radio plays in collaboration with NDR, Who Cares?! was nominated for the Juliane Bartel Media Prize in 2018.