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Camille & Ulysse by Diana Toucedo

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Urth by Ben Rivers

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21% by Ursula Biemann

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Day 1 - Camille & Ulysse

videocam 02.12.21, 19:00-21:00

Day 2 - Narratives about Earth

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Day 3 - Caring is/in the future

videocam 04.12.21, 14:00-18:00

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About Constellations for futures

Stories on Ecology, Kinship and Sciences

02.12 - 04.12.21

With the participation of Chanelle Adams, Ursula Biemann, Jennifer Gabrys, Mira Hirtz, Katharina Hoppe, Fallon Mayanja, Ben Rivers, Adam Searle and Jonathon Turnbull, Swoosh Lieu, and Diana Toucedo.

Events will take place in person at La Loge (Brussels, upon reservation) and will be broadcasted via live streaming (in free access, without reservation) on the following platforms:

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Lockdown lessons - Goethe

Goethe-Institut Brussels and La Loge present Constellations for futures, a three-day discursive programme of lectures, film screenings, and artistic performances at the intersection of ecology, community, and science.

This multidisciplinary program—which interweaves science and fictional narratives, real and speculative facts—questions the meaning and consequences of current crises in order to examine inequalities and to think differently about relations between humans and non-humans. Researchers and invited artists will examine the viability and impact of scientific and technological experiments on the environment which has been shaped by a history of domination as well as by economic and social realities. The hypotheses presented in the varying practices will draw up new constellations and spaces for listening to and for sharing current thoughts, all in favour of new kinships, alliances and communities.

Constellations for futures follows up on the comprehensive discussion regarding the impact of the pandemic and a series of events developed by La Loge and the Goethe-Institut in 2021. At La Loge, A Common Breath (10.03 - 03.04) raised ecological questions and confronted issues on dehierarchization, while Reclaiming Places (01.05 - 03.07) focused on inhabited spaces and indigenous rights by fusing arts and theoretical reflections. These encounters pleaded in favour of non-hierarchical relationships and a collective consciousness in order to think of alternative ways of living together and modes of action. With the project Lockdown Lessons, the Goethe-Institut has clearly stated that we are still fully experiencing the pandemic. Scientists are invited to play a role in explaining the changes and providing impulses for new thinking. In dialogue with science, the project aims to learn from this period in a cooperative way, to identify social challenges, and to develop ideas for the future.

Together, Goethe-Institut and La Loge continue to question and explore these challenging times, both on an ecological and social level.


19:00 - 21:00

Screening of a new film by Diana Toucedo, Camille & Ulysse, 2021
Followed by a discussion between director Diana Toucedo (online) and researcher Katharina Hoppe.

The philosophers Vinciane Despret and Donna Haraway combine their voices in this audio-visual piece by filmmaker Diana Toucedo, based on two of their fabulations: Haraway’s The Camille Stories, and Autobiographie d’un poulpe, by Despret.

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Screening of films by Ben Rivers (Urth) and Ursula Biemann (Twenty One Percent)
With interventions by Jennifer Gabrys (Planetary as Praxis), Adam Searle and Jonathon Turnbull (Anthropause and Resurgent natures).

Entitled Narratives about Earth, the second evening will critically reflect on the role and impact of scientific and technological experiments that underline the dominance and limits of the anthropocene. The works and discussions will also question how science and science fiction interact, in order to analyse how the latter can support the deployment of new scientific knowledge. In addition, we will see how ecological and social upheavals are driving new scientific experiments that are conducive to other models of co-existence with the environment.

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14:00 - 18:00

Screening of Swoosh Lieu's film, a presentation by Chanelle Adams, and new performances by Mira Hirtz and Fallon Mayanja.

Based on the narratives of the previous days, at the interaction between science and futurity, the third part of our programme looks at if and how we can create new spaces of awareness. In undetermined futures, at the junction between social experiments and fictional revolutions, scientific, sensitive, and poetic tools build new zones of care for inter-species and communal coexistence. The practices on display will offer the opportunity to experiment with other participatory forms of living collectively with change.

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Venue: La Loge
Price: 3 euros
Reservation via
Presentation of a CST is obligatory
Language : English

For more information:

Online screening
04.12.21 - 10.12.21
The videos shown during the programme will also be available to stream from December 4th to 10th on La Loge's digital platform.

An area with drinks and snacks where we can freely continue discussions will be open every day on the second floor at La Loge.

This programme was developed in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Brussels.

Goethe-Institut Brussels
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Lockdown Lessons

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