Lodged-In Voices

About LOOK;

LOOK; is a space as printed matter. As an ongoing series of publications, LOOK; extends the space of our physical institution, La Loge, in Brussels. The temporality of a project sits between its beginning and end, and LOOK; offers us the possibility to think about what-if (speculations and deep night thoughts), what could-have-been (unrealized ideas and things untold) and what-could-be-next (intuitions, desires, and future conversations). Reality is not factual, LOOK; enables us to say something about La Loge’s entangled web of prefigurations, frustrations, and aspirations; our sentiments, complicities, and affinities with our public, colleagues, and friends. LOOK; is an echo chamber of sorts; its light, consumable, and affordable format allows us to surpass the temporality and spatiality of our physical institution while enabling new and existing content to circulate through different contexts. Limitations become advantages; secret doors open up.

Issue 1: Lodged-in Voices

Lodged-in Voices offers room to a set of concerns related to language and space which emerge from the practice of running an institution that works, houses, lodges, talks, produces, and cares. As we reflect on our institutional ethics, vocabulary, proximity to, and playfulness within the scale and conditions of La Loge, the artists, architects, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who contribute to what we do are all doing the same from the perspective of their own discipline and research; be it architecture, art, graphic design, choreography, curating, or writing. Lodged-in Voices comprises newly commissioned texts by artists Hanne Lippard, Andros Zins-Browne, Michael Van den Abeele, and Andreas Angelidakis.

La Loge (Ed.)
LOOK; Issue 1: Lodged-in Voices
Texts by Hanne Lippard, Andros Zins-Browne, Michael Van den Abeele, and Andreas Angelidakis, Laura Herman and Anne-Claire Schmitz.
Design by Boy Vereecken
June 2018, English
20 x 26.5 cm, 52 pages, softcover
15 euros 


Andros Zins-Browne(born in 1981, New York) is a choreographer and dancer based in Brussels. His work consists of live and hybrid environments at the intersection between installation, performance and conceptual dance. Crossing between stage and exhibition spaces, he explores the ways that images, movement and matter can interact until they begin to take on each other’s properties. Notes on Intimacy was originally commissioned as a contribution to How do Buildings Care, a seminar in three parts openly investigating how buildings facilitate or accommodate notions of care. This text was performed live in the presence of about 50 people on 24 September 2018 in the intimacy and darkness of La Loge’s former temple space. 

Andreas Angelidakis (born in 1968, Athens) was trained as an architect but after graduation his practice quickly evolved from building to art making, curating and narrating. Andreas could be considered a soft activist using existing and virtual environments as spaces to acknowledge and analyse the ambivalences of our cultural history, socio-political events and personal feelings. Andreas’s work looks at architecture from the perspective of a self-reflective body, longing for a plurality of relationships and experiences. La Loge and Andreas Angelidakis collaborated on an installation of his videos accompanied by a voice-over in January 2018. We extended our interest in Andreas’s narrative practice by inviting him to sketch a portrait of the space in which we perform our daily work and develop our programme.

Hanne Lippard (born in 1984, Milton Keynes) is an artist, performer and poet living in Berlin. Her work explores language through the texture and the rhythm of the voice. Her work comprises live performances in which she turns common speech into melodic poetry and installations that outline a particular tonality, design and space for speech to resonate within. Hanne Lippard participated in the group exhibition Voici des fleurs held at La Loge in the spring of 2018 with an installation entitled How to get rid of the body. Our collaboration lives on in Tripod, a second commissioned piece for this publication.

Michael Van den Abeele (born in 1974, Brussels) is an artist and writer living in Brussels. His paintings, images, sculptures, videos, sound pieces investigate the gap and relations between perception, reality and truth. Along these, he has developed fictional and sustainable dialogues with the artists, architects and places that surround him. The resulting texts often accompany or prefigure projects. Afters Sprawl is the outcome of a speculative commission freely arising from the particular structure, space and architecture of La Loge. Boy Vereecken (born in 1981, Ghent) is an editorial designer, researcher and publisher living in Brussels. He was appointed in 2012 to conceive a visual identity for La Loge, one that would immediately set the tone, language and attitude adopted by the future institution. His works analyse sign systems as the plural outcomes of the policies affecting, challenging and directing our contemporary reality.