Temple Talks with Christopher Roth
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The second edition of Temple Talks focuses on the role of television in broadcasting ideas about art and architecture. Inspired by collectives such as TVTV, the Videofreex and the The Raindance Foundation, as well as live television and the communicative power of YouTube, Berlin artist Christopher Roth will discuss the potential of TV for architecture and urban planning as opposed to maps and models to share future visions and ideas.

Browsing through space-time.tv, which unites three channels committed to revisiting TV as an artistic means to mass pedagogy, Roth will discuss TV as a channel through which we can tell stories, short and loud, spread urgent messages, dramatize, shout at the viewer, compress the content and the argument, short and clear.

Station+ is devoted to The Property Show, which is produced by students of Arno Brandlhuber at the ETH Zurich, department for architecture.

realty-v is the very first REALTY artist commission featuring propagandistic vignettes, theoretical pictures, and archival materials. It willfully pursues the program’s stated agenda of getting the better of gentrification, even through the means of contemporary art. station+ and realty-v share an investment in the collectivization of property along the lines of economist Henry George and other radical reformists.

42 explores the spirit of television as a broadcasting tool for artistic and utopian ideas since the 1970s. Filmed in a studio at the Fahrbereitschaft in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the station revisits the efforts of artists such as Michael Asher, Dara Birnbaum, Valie Export, General Idea, Martha Rosler, Richard Serra, and others.

Christopher Roth is a film director and artist. He directed films including Legislating Architecture, The Property Drama, and Architecting after Politics, all made in collaboration with Brandlhuber+. His films have been screened at the architecture biennials of Venice and Chicago. Roth`s feature film Baader won the Alfred Bauer Prize in Berlin 2002. Hyperstition is a film with Armen Avanessian and 80*81 What Happened? was a research with Georg Diez, leading to 13 books and 30 theater pieces worldwide. Roth is represented by Esther Schipper, and he lectures at ETH Zurich. In 2018, he launched 3 web TV channels: Realty-v (with Tirdad Zolghadr, Kunst-Werke), S+ (with Brandlhuber’s chair at ETH) and 42 (with Fahrbereitschaft): space-time.tv.

Practical information

Thursday, 20 March 2019, 7.30 pm
free access
no reservation necessary, but seats are limited
language: EN
venue: La Loge

About Temple Talks

Temple Talks is a series of commissioned lectures jointly organised by La Loge and Raak (Research Center for Architecture & the Arts at KU Leuven Association). Over the course of the academic year, artists and architects will be invited to share a passionate and personal point of view contributing to an understanding of the ever complementary, complex, and sometimes misunderstood relationship between art and architecture. Through the experience of a diversity of guests and practices, the series aims to research the specificities of these distinct fields while building up a common ground of interests and languages. Guests will structure their talks by leaning on the physical presence of an object, artwork, or document of their choice. While acting as both a mediator and partner in conversation, this third party will hopefully lead to a disruption of the dualistic relationship between audience and lecturer. La Loge and rAAK warmly welcome you all to this new series of evening discussions.