Talk: Life under a cherry tree

Life under a cherry tree
a talk by Maarten Gielen

In the framework of the exhibition Life under a cherry tree by Rotor and on the occasion of the launch of a ‘récupérathèque’ at ENSAV La Cambre, Maarten Gielen will discuss issues of sustainability, recycling and the circulation of materials. Similar to Rotor's guiding principles including the reduction of waste through reuse and recovery from dismantling, the interest in material flows in industry and construction, the Fédération des Récupérathèques, founded in 2017, is dedicated to implementing these ideas at art academies in France and Belgium. In the ‘récuperathèques’, initiated and managed by students, materials can be bought, sold and reused with their own currency, which, in addition to reflected consumption, also establishes the claim of a sustainable economy, student solidarity and social cohesion within the school. Such a récupérathèque will now be opened at the ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels.

Practical information

Date: Tuesday 12 November, 6pm
Venue: Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta - ULB
Auditoire Victor Bourgeois - Faculté d'Architecture La Cambre Horta - 19, place E. Flagey - 1050 Brussels
Language: French
free access


Maarten Gielen is, together with architects Tristan Boniver and Lionel Devlienger, one of the founding members of Rotor that operates in Brussels since 2005. In their activities, they combine practical, investigative and curatorial practices producing critical views towards usage and re-usage of material resources in building industry and architecture. In their view, architecture is above all an object of recycling. They approach it in the obverse phase of its process, that is, at the moment when it is to be transformed or demolished.