day 3
3/3 Tales of Exhaustion
The Game - Sorrynotsorry

The Game 
Screening and Q&A with Danilo Correale
Practical information: 
Saturday 5 March, 15.00-16.30

The Game is a three-sided corporate football match, a performance set up by the artist Danilo Correale, involving the employees of three historical companies of the Sienese territory: the crystal factory ColleVilca srl, the international metalwork corporation PR Industrial Srl and Trigano Spa, leader in Italy in the camper-van sector. The Game focuses on participation and on the ritual of an event beyond the classic schemes of antagonistic sports, standing as a metaphor to decipher human relations. In particular, Danilo Correale based his work on the theories of three-sided football, a game used as a tool to surpass the competitive spirit of traditional football, and foster a sense of aggregation and cooperation among the participants.

Labor, Leisure and Rest
Performative walkthrough with Jennifer Reid (ballad singer)
Practical information:
Saturday 5 March, 16:30 – 17:00

Jennifer Reid has sung broadsides on BBC Radio and in works by artists Jeremy Deller and Marinella Senatore. During La Biennale di Venezia 2015, she trained Italian singers in Lancashire dialect songs and broadside ballads and performed in the Giardini in conjunction with Deller’s All That is Solid Melts into Air (2014), Factory Records (2015) and Senatore’s School of Narrative Dance (2015). Jennifer has discussed nineteenth-century social revolution in Manchester on BBC2. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Local History from Oxford University.

Cake & Coffee

Lecture / performance interpreted by Peggy Green
Practical information:
Saturday 5 March, 17:30 – 18:00


The opening of 'Tales of Exhaustion' will be durational, extending across three days.
Each day will feature an immaterial rendition of a work by Danilo Correale, translated in a performative or discursive form with the contribution of a series of guests.

Audience is welcome to join at any time of the program.